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5 Reasons Why Dwight Howard Won’t Re-Sign With The Lakers

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5 Reasons Why Dwight Howard Will Not Be In L.A. Next Year

5 Reasons Dwight Howard
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Will the Los Angeles Lakers go through what the Orlando Magic went through last season? Will Dwight Howard hold the Lakers hostage as he did with the Magic?

You may hear on ESPN or read on Yahoo or anywhere for that matter that it's already locked in that Howard will re-sign with Los Angeles after at the end of the season. I hate to be the one that burst your bubble, but I do not see that happening.

Do not get me wrong, though, the Lakers have higher shot in landing the big man then other teams, but does he really want to stay in Hollywood?

“Of Course he does. He is in Hollywood where the beautiful people are.” Is what many people are saying. Really? Think about it. All last year Howard wanted to go to one place and one place only and that was with the Brooklyn Nets.

Brooklyn was tired of waiting, so they did what they had to do by signing big contracts to their players since they were scared they may walk away. When they did that it closed the door for Howard getting traded to the Nets, so what was left for them to do?

Howard didn't want to stay in Orlando there was no question about that. He did not want to be traded to a team that was not a contender, so he asked to be traded to the Lakers a team that already had a championship contending team.

I still believe that the Miami Heat is still the team that wins it all. With that said no matter how the Lakers finish the season I believe that Dwight Howard will sign with another team. Here are 5 reasons why Dwight Howard will not be with the Lakers next season.

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Reason #5: It Has Been Done

It has been done

Does Howard really want to follow the footsteps of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain and Shaquille O'Neal? It sounds great at first, but it has already been done.

It has been the same story decade after decade and that's the Lakers being great with another dominate center. I believe that by the end of the season Howard will look at himself and ask "do I want to be consider a shadow to these three greats?"

If Howard does not make a name for himself in Los Angeles then he will not be consider as one of the best centers of all time especially if he stays. There are other teams in the NBA that have room for him and they already have all-star caliber players.

I believe that Howard wants to be the best there is and staying with the Lakers may not be the best thing for him. Maybe those few teams will be a better fit since these certain teams do not have a story yet as the Lakers do.

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Reason #4: It's Still Kobe's Team

Kobe's Team
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At the end of the day the Lakers still belong to Kobe Byrant. Yes, Bryant is getting close to retirement, but there is still at least 3 or 4 years in him. Does Howard really want to be under Bryant's spotlight for another 3 years?

The main reason why O'Neal left L.A. in the first place was because of Byrant. He did not want to be part of Bryant's ego, so he left. If you think that just because he has matured and does not have an ego anymore then you are way wrong. Of course Bryant still has an ego and he has the right to have one. He has won 5 NBA Championships.

You know who else has an ego? Howard does. There is not doubt in my mind that this still being Bryant's team and will be for another 3-4 years that will help in the decision where Howard will be playing next season.

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Reason #3: What's Left After Kobe Retires?


Lets say that Bryant does retire soon then what happens then? Who will be left on the team that Howard can work with? Exactly! Howard will have the same team that he had when he was with the Magic.

Steve Nash will be gone. Pau Gasol will be gone and Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) will be gone as well. That just leaves Howard to lift a team by himself. There will be nobody else that could help him and the Lakers will just be a lower seed team just like Orlando was when he was there.

I believe that Howard will look at the future to help him make his decision in where he will play next year. I believe that a questionable future for the Lakers will make the big man sign elsewhere next summer.

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Reason #2: Not Winning A NBA Championship

No NBA Title
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It's showing now that the Lakers do not know how to work in Nash, Bryant and Howard on the court at the same time. The Lakers started the season 0-3 and that was with the new “Big Three”.

Even though the 2012-13 season is still in it's infancy it seems like the Lakers may have a bumpy ride ahead of them.

If the Lakers keep struggling like this throughout the season then there is no question that Howard will look else where to play next year. Who wants to be on a team that has question marks on them for a whole season? Not Dwight Howard.

The Lakers will make the post-season that's a given. However, if the Lakers do not win a championship this year I believe that it will be a big factor in Howard's decision.

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Dallas & Houston Have Better Offers

Mavs and Rockets

There are two teams that will be in the running for Howard and they are the Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks. Both teams have the cap room to sign Howard to a big contract.

This past off-season the Mavericks failed in their attempt to land Deron Williams which caused them to go out and sign players to a 1-2 year deals. Doing so puts them in the running next off-season to sign a big fish name like Howard.

The Mavs will have O.J. Mayo and possibly Darren Collision if they decide to re-sign him. Plus if Howard signs with Dallas then there is no doubt that Dirk Nowitzki will be passing the torch to Howard as the next face of the franchise.

As for the Rockets they recently traded for James Harden and so far it looks like that they have made a great trade. Also they signed Jeremy Lin and if Howard goes to Houston then right there he will have something to work with as well as if he signs with Dallas.

That is my prediction and has been since Howard asked to be traded last year. Dwight Howard will be in the city of Houston or in the city of Dallas to play for one of the city's respective team. I guarantee it.