Indiana Pacers Struggling Without Danny Granger

By J.M. Nicholas

The Indiana Pacers (2-2) have stumbled out of the gate early this season. A 22-point loss on the road against the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night, made their struggles seem even more evident. Three of Indiana’s first four games were against lottery pick teams from last season. Except for the San Antonio blowout loss, each of Indiana’s games have come down to the final seconds or overtime.

Struggling against sub-par teams is somewhat acceptable, as long as you win. Getting destroyed by championship-caliber teams is a whole separate struggle, especially if Indiana plans on being considered a championship-caliber team themselves.

There is still no definitive return time for team captain Danny Granger, who has been shut down due to knee issues. So far this season, no one has really stepped up on a regular basis to take the reigns for this team. Granger may not have been a superstar, but he could very well have been the most important piece to the Pacers’ puzzle, which thrived on sharing the spotlight, instead of stealing it.

Power forward David West has played steady, and has put up double-doubles in two straight games, but he is not getting much help when it’s been needed most.

The Pacers have only scored over 100 points once in their first four games, and that was in a double-overtime win. Other than the overtime game, Indiana has yet to score over 90 points yet this season.

Indiana committed 19 turnovers on Monday night, and lead the league so far, with an average of just over 20 turnovers per game.

A 2-2 record can be deceptive, but the stats show just how ugly some of these games have been early in the season for the Indiana Pacers.

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