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J.R. Smith: “Disgusting” Dunk in Knicks Victory (Video)

Joe Camporeale – US PRESSWIRE

It was a tough night for the Philadelphia 76ers and Jrue Holiday. After lighting up the New York Knicks for 27 points in a losing effort just one day ago, Holiday was held to 17 points on 4-12 shooting. Those numbers aren’t ones that would indicate a “tough night,” however.

What was tough about the game was J.R. Smith of the Knicks dunking all over him in the fourth quarter.

The play started when Pablo Prigioni plucked a steal from the 76er’s Evan Turner with 8:44 left in the 4th Quarter. Prigioni, the oldest rookie in NBA History at 36 years old (he played in Argentina his whole career), raced down the court, and spun back as Holiday and Turner tried to block his shot. The crafty PG threw a bounce pass to a surging Smith, who threw down a thunderous jam despite a foul from Holiday. No other Sixers even crossed half court in getting back on defense, while the entire Knicks team was there to celebrate.

The home town commentator said afterwards that the dunk was “disgusting,” in many accounts. He said that the dunk was so hard “that the TV screens up here moved.”

“Whenever somebody gets in my way when I’m about to dunk, I definitely want to prove a point that they shouldn’t have been there,” said Smith after the game.

How can you not love this guy? Well, Holiday might not like him very much after that play, but the New Jersey native has become quite a fan favorite among the NYK faithful.

Smith is such a “New York” player. He has the confidence, the swagger, and the game that just encompasses New York basketball. And by New York, I am talking about the Knicks, not that other team in Brooklyn. Smith’s personality is on full display as he struts right up to the crowd and lets them hear it after dropping the hammer on their Sixers.

Check out the jam for yourself:

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