The NBA's Three Winless Teams May Surprise You

By Marc Jenkins
The Winless: The Denver Nuggets are Surprisingly One of the NBA's Three Winless Teams
Howard Smith-US Presswire

A week has come and gone in the 2012-13 NBA season and with it we’ve been witness to some incredible action in both Conferences thus far, however unfortunately for three teams in the Association the season has not begun ideally for them as they still are in search of their first victory of the year. It’s not easy beginning the season zero and whatever; it is an uphill battle to climb even if it is early on during the season. Here are those three winless teams in the NBA, one who I am totally shocked that they are apart of this crew and the other two simply aren’t that much of a shock.

The most surprising of the three winless teams in the Association are the 0-3 Denver Nuggets who haven’t played terrible this season but haven’t played well enough to notch a victory either. The Nuggets have yet to play a home game this year which could be part of the reason why they remain winless. Denver is ranked 23rd in the NBA in points scored per game (93.3 PPG) and are tied for 21st in points allowed per game (101.7 PAG). The Nuggets have lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 84-75 in Andre Inguodala‘s return to Philly after being trade to Denver as part of the Dwight Howard mega-deal as well as falling to the Orlando Magic 102-89 and the defending NBA Champion Miami Heat 119-116. The Nuggets get their next crack at a victory Tuesday night as in their first home game as they face off against the next team on the winless list, the Detroit Pistons.

The Pistons are also 0-3 to begin the year but they have had one game at home of those three which they lost 105-96 to the Houston Rockets in James Harden‘s coming out party as a member of the Rockets. The Pistons also took L’s to the Phoenix Suns 92-89 and the Los Angeles Lakers 108-79. The Pistons are currently ranked 28th in the Association in points scored per game (88 PPG) and are tied for 21st with the Nuggets in points allowed per game (101.7 PAG). The Pistons are going to need to get more scoring out of Greg Monroe and Tayshaun Prince if they are to right the ship and get their first win underneath their collective belt. Either the Nuggets or the Pistons will be removed from this shameful club at the end of Tuesday’s game and it will be interesting to see which team it is.

The final team that has yet to win a game this season are the Washington Wizards who are just 0-2 but need to get things rolling as soon as possible. The Wizards are ranked dead last in points score per game (85 PPG) but have been some what competitive in their two games due to the fact that their defense has been solid and are ranked fifth in the Association in points allowed per game (91.5 PAG). The Wizards have lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers 94-84 and the Boston Celtics in a nail-bitter 89-86. If the Wizards can continue to play defense at a high level while scoring a few more buckets in the process then they could turn this bad start around quickly.The Wizards next game is against the Celtics again.

One of these three teams will no longer be winless after Tuesday night; which one of these teams will take the longest to get their first win? Yet another one of the many questions that will be answered during the course of the 2012-13 NBA season.

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