Miami Heat Speak On 2012 Presidential Election

By Aime Mukendi
US Presswire-Steve Mitchell

LeBron James and the Miami Heat have been outspoken about the 2012 Presidential election and the importance of each citizen’s vote.

In an interview Monday James and some other members of the Heat gave their opinions on the importance of the election and the election process.

According to,  many of James’ endorses have told him that his political opinion and openness can affect his brand but James does not fear making political statements.

 “I’ve been second guessed,” James said. “They’re saying it’s bad for the brand. If I feel like I want to support someone, then go for it.”

James has been open about his support of re-elected President Barrack Obama.

“I just think it’s about knowledge if you know what’s going on. I’ve always said I feel like it’s important for me to do it because that’s just who I am. I got out there and I learned a lot about it in ’08 and I learned a lot about it now,” James said.

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have also stated their thoughts and feelings on the right to vote and its importance.

“It was very important for me to just have the ability to do it. It’s a privilege to be out there to vote. You want to make sure that you have some kid of voice or say, whether it’s one vote or not. If you can use any of your celebrity to bring people out, you do that,”  Wade said.

Bosh added, ” People died for that, the right to vote. Doing our ancestors — our grandmothers and grandfathers — due diligence by going out and exercising our right as a citizen, it’s important. People come from other countries to participate, to vote, so their kids can do that. Anytime somebody is active politically and in the community, it’s always a good thing.”

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra made input on the election and voting process as well.

” We’ve had only a couple discussions during the debates. We’ve offered to record them to educate themselves. And we encourage them to educate themselves and make their votes matter. Our guys are very active and it’s good to see. It’s all about educating yourself on the candidates and making your voice heard.”

The Heat are beginning to be known for taking a stance and commenting on events going on in the world outside of the NBA.

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