Thunder Blowout Raptors: Why This Game Was Much Needed

By Eli Friedman

The 108-88 win over the Toronto Raptors was much needed for this Oklahoma City Thunder team who is now 2-2. The Thunder were led by Russell Westbrook with  19 points and eight assists, and Serge Ibaka added a season high 17 points.

From the tip, the Thunder played with a sense of urgency, and a whole lot of energy. Oklahoma City got easy buckets in transition, and really locked in on the defensive end. I kept asking myself if the Thunder looked good last night or the Raptors just played terrible. Came to the conclusion it was both. Here’s Scott Brooks on that matter: “We don’t change how we approach the game,” Brooks said. “We had a tough loss last game. But we’re not a team that’s going to put our heads down and run from what we need to work on. And if we have a good win we’re not going to all of sudden puff our chests out and say we’re good now. We’re a solid team. We play together, we play hard and we work on the things that we need to work on.”

Extra Notes:

Perry Jones III played in the second quarter, and legit did nothing.

Thabo Sefolosha opened the game 3-3 from deep. 2 of them from Durant

-Welcome to the league, Jonas Valanciunas(See Video Above).

Hasheem Thabeet played real well. Staying active and creating second chances.

Eric Maynor was ultra-aggressive last night. Like it?

-The Bench played real well in the second quarter.

-Toronto turned it over 17 times last night. Credit to the Thunder or just how bad the Raptors are?

-The Thunder will have a test vs. Chicago tomorrow night on TNT.

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