Washington Wizards Center Nene Player Profile For 2012-2013

By almanon
Nene Washington Wizards
Brad Mills-US Presswire

Without question Nene is a top 10 center in the NBA. Acquired by the Washington Wizards in a trade involving  JaVale McGee.

Nene has proved himself well in the league now entering his 10th year. He will bring a great deal of experience to the Wizards’ young locker room and above all he is a great defensive player that will block shots. John Wall will benefit the most from the big man from Brazil.

Head coach Randy Wittmen will use the pick and roll on offense Wall and Nene. Coach Wittmen can also build a strong defense team with the addition of Nene.

Nene also has something to prove this year coming back after a knee injury limiting the number of games he played in 2011-2012. He has lost some of his shooting touch in the past few seasons, meaning he has not been as efficient as he was during the 2008-2009 season. He averaged 7.8 rebounds per game and 14.6 points per game.

He is not much of a rebounder but if he wants to make an impact in the nation’s capital he will need to average 12 rebounds per game. If Nene can excel well in the low block the Wizards can really be a team to reckon with in the Eastern Conference.

Can Nene prove himself as one of the leagues top centers? Will he perform well after the knee injury? Can he help the Wizards be a playoff contender again in the east?

These question can only be answered by the big man from Brazil. How well he performs and how he conducts himself on and off the court will only make him better. This season is the season for him to make his return and proves he is still a top player in the NBA.


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