NBA fines Los Angeles Lakers’ Steve Blake


Steve Blake Los Angeles Lakers

Charles Jenkins-US Presswire

Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Blake has been fined $25,000 for ‘directing inappropriate language towards a fan.’

The incident came in the fourth quarter during Friday’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers. The game itself was the first time that Blake had started this season due to the injury of Steve Nash who sat out of the game with a non-displaced leg fracture.

Blake played 39 minutes of the game where he scored eight points before being fouled out of the game with just 29.2 seconds left in which time the incident happened.

Blake apparently lost his composure after a fan confronted Blake by declaring ‘You need to knock down those open shots.’ It was after being fouled out that that he responded back with unpleasant language.

The frustration all round was clear; the defeat to the neighbouring Clippers meant that the Lakers were 0-3. The Lakers finally got a mark in the win column after the game against the Detroit Pistons whilst the Clippers gone on to lose their next two games, as they are just the one game ahead of the Lakers in the Pacific Division.

Steve Blake and the fan have put aside and discrepancy that occurred in the heat of the moment argument at the Staples Centre as the pair have met up for a meeting where Blake apologized and said that his actions didn’t represent him.

The 32-year-old point guard is on a salary of $4million dollars so the fine isn’t going to hurt him financially, more so it will be the embarrassment that will get to him the most. TV camera’s picked the court-side argument up and was never going to missed by a watching NBA league office.


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