Dallas Mavericks Are Cooled Off By The New York Knicks

By Derek Ayala

Before I get started I would like to say I am sorry for jinxing the Dallas Mavericks with the article I wrote last night. With that said, the reason why the Mavs lost tonight was because of many reasons.

The fact that Shawn Marion was not on the floor tonight, due to injury, shows that they really do need his defense to survive against any team. There’s no doubt that Marion’s defense is the key to the Mavericks success and tonight showed it.

The stats may not show it since they did out rebound the New York Knicks (50-43) and both teams had 40 points in the paint. However, the three pointers that the Knicks hit was pretty much unstoppable tonight. I believe that if Marion was on the court it could have been a different outcome.

Another reason for the Mavericks lost tonight was because of foul trouble. O.J. Mayo committed his 3rd foul with little over 8 minutes to go in the 1st half. Then he got his 4th foul half way through the 3rd quarter. In the past week Mayo has been on fire from the field. However, getting into foul trouble kinda cooled him off tonight.

The third reason why the Mavs lost tonight was because the lack of production by Darren Collison. He too was cooled off tonight. He was 1-8 from the field (12.5%) scoring only 4 points.

The lack of sharing the ball, I believe, was the main factor in the Mavs lost tonight. The article I wrote last night I said that the key to a Mavs victory would have to be that everyone would have to  share the ball.

Well, that failed tonight. It could have been the great defense of the Knicks that caused Dallas not to pass as much, or just the lack of communication. In the end the Mavs lose tonight 104-94.

They head off to face the Charlotte Bobcats tomorrow evening and that game they will still be without Marion. I’m sure that the Bobcats will bring everything they got since they will be looking to beat Dallas for the first time in their franchise history. If the Mavs lack of play continues tomorrow night then the Bobcats could finally get that “W”.

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