Firing Mike Brown Now Was The Los Angeles Lakers' Only Option

By Steve Palumbo
Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

The NBA was rattled today by the news that the Los Angeles Lakers had relieved Mike Brown of his head coaching duties with one of the league’s premier franchises. The fact of the matter is this, nobody should be too surprised though. So pick your jaws off the ground because it was the only real option Lakers management had.

After falling to 1-4 on the young season, following an 0-8 preseason, the Lakers couldn’t wait another minute to pull the trigger on Brown’s coaching days in La La Land. Once word leaked out that the Lakers upcoming six-game home stand would be a key factor in Brown’s job security, their only option was to move now. It all goes back to Pandora’s Box, the moment you open it, you can’t just close it back up and quietly walk away.

When NBA experts and local L.A. sports talk radio start to doubt whether a team like the Lakers, with its mega payroll and star-studded lineup, can beat league doormats like the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings there is a real problem. A problem that could not be corrected in six games. If you ignore a match burning in dry brush, chances are it will soon be burning wildly out of control before you know it.

Now the Lakers have to ensure their next head coach is a keeper and one that already has the respect and admiration of a Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard. People have to keep in mind that this Lakers team is built to win now…not next year…not five years from now. Anything short of a NBA Finals appearance and subsequent title would be considered a colossal failure.

So who’s next? Who does Mitch Kupchak, Dr. Buss and Jim Buss entrust with the Lakers now? Jerry Sloan? Mike D’Antoni? Or dare I say, Phil Jackson? That has yet to be decided. But, I can guarantee that whoever it is will get more out of this team than Mike Brown ever did.

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