Have the Indiana Pacers Lost Their Mojo?

By J.M. Nicholas

The Indiana Pacers (2-3) begin the season with five of their first six games on the road. As they head into their third road game in a row on Friday night, the team has to look for a new way to play, while not straying away from the things that have given them success. So far this season, the Indiana Pacers have not looked pretty away from home, and had to play into double-overtime to win their only home game.

The Pacers did so much over the summer to endear themselves to their community, and right now, they are blowing it. Last season, Indiana shocked much of the league, racking up the third-best record in the Eastern Conference, and putting up an impressive run in the playoffs. Frankly, with their sub-par play, and sloppy production on the court, this team looks like it has dropped from the penthouse to the outhouse very quickly.

With or without Danny Granger, this team has the talent to contend, if not defeat, some of the best teams in the league. Rather than that, the Pacers find themselves losing badly to good teams, and fighting till the last second with terrible teams. No matter how many autographs they sign, or how many season tickets they buy, the Indiana Pacers must win games in order to win back their fan base.

Yes, it is very early in the season to be making definitive proclamations about the current state of a possible title-contending team. Still, there is a small margin of error in this league, when so many fans are already on the fence for this franchise.

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