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Los Angeles Lakers Fire Head Coach Mike Brown

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Mike Brown was on borrowed time and it appears that time has run out. The Los Angeles Lakers have fired their head coach just five games into the season. This move is going to generate a lot of reaction and some of it might not be good.

See, I do not like the timing of this move.  Brown should have been fired before the season or given more time to turn the ship around.  However, LA is not known for being patient with moves.  They thought that Brown was not going to get better so they decided to cut bait before things really went off the cliff.

I expect a lot of big names to be connected to this job, but I can not be sure who ends up taking the job.  I would imagine that the Lakers will end up with a top guy, but it might take some time.  I would bet Lakers fans hope for a guy like Phil Jackson to ride in on his white horse and save everyone, but I doubt that ends up happening.

It is now time to really focus on this team.  If firing Brown does not improve the record, what is the real issue in LA?  Is it too many stars trying to play together?  Is is just the wrong mix of talent?  Either way, Brown has been scapegoated and LA has already used one of its excuses up.