NBA Rumors: Is Richard Hamilton On The Trading Block?

By Brendon Fitzsimons
Mike DiNovo- USPresswire

Since last July, the Chicago Bulls have been trying to trade veteran shooting guard Richard Hamilton. Unfortunately, it has been to no avail. There are numerous reasons why they would want to trade Hamilton, but the most glaring reasons are his age, his injuries and his role on the team.

Hamilton was brought onto the roster in hopes that he would provide a secondary scoring option and another offensive weapon to counter Derrick Rose. The organization hoped that he would play and produce like he did when he was with the Detroit Pistons, but that never happened.

Through two seasons, Hamilton, who is the second oldest player on the Bulls’ roster at 34, posted career lows in both points and minutes while failing to do what he was brought to the team to do. If anything, he has shown his age and shown why he is becoming a less and less effective player as the seasons continue to pile up. Unfortunately for Hamilton, Chicago cannot afford to keep an average player on their roster, especially now.

The Bulls have established themselves as a team with a young core and Hamilton doesn’t fit that mold, he is considered an expendable player despite the fact that he is guaranteed $5 million through the 2012-2013 season. But expendable or not, who would take him? Much like the Miami Heat signed Ray Allen or the Boston Celtics took Jason Terry, the teams that would take Hamilton would be teams that are either title contenders or teams jockeying for a late playoff seed and looking for a spark scorer off the bench.

Regardless of what team may take Hamilton, the sooner he is traded the sooner Chicago can move to replace him with a younger, more-able scorer who can carry more of the offensive load while Rose is out.

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