Top 10 NBA Players Who Will Get A Max Contract

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Top 10 NBA Players Who Will Get A Max Contract

Top 10 Max Contract
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With the 2012-13 NBA season underway most of the 30 teams may be looking to give their franchise player a little more money. With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) it is hard for some of the NBA teams to make max contracts to their stars.

However, there are some teams that do have the space to do so. For an example, the Dallas Mavericks have made enough room in their salary that allows them to sign a max contract to any player in the NBA.

Teams like the Brooklyn Nets cannot provide those max contracts this year or the next. Due to the fact that the Nets decide to give some players on their roster now the max contract during this past off-season.

Now whom should get these big contracts? It is highly unlikely that the stars, that I grew up with, may not see those type of contracts. Dirk Nowitzki or Kobe Bryant will not see those since they will only want a few years on their contract since they will be retiring soon.

Of course, the most likely guy in the NBA to get a max contract will be Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers. With him becoming a free agent next year the Lakers will most definitely will be the first to offer the big man that type of money. Other teams that could offer him max contracts will be the Mavericks, Houston Rockets and Atlanta Hawks.

How about players that most fans do not really think about? There's Mo Williams, Josh Smith and Darren Collison. How about those guys? Possibly, but it all depends on where each team is wanting to go in the future.

Under the new CBA if a team signs one or multiple players to max(or high) contracts then that team is stuck for the next 5-6 years. With that said, each team will make each move carefully and wisely. Here are the 10 players who I think will get a max contract.

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#10 Monta Ellis

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Monta Ellis has spent most of his career with the Golden State Warriors. If everything works out for him this season then he could spend the rest of his career with the Milwaukee Bucks. He has the option of getting out of his contract a year early and become a free agent next summer.

He has a career average of 19.5 point, 4.5 assists and 1.7 steals per game. If he produces the same for the Bucks then they will want to keep him and signing him to a max contract may be the only way.

At only 27 years old he is in his prime and has 4-5 years to show off from it. Giving him a max contract may not be a bad idea for the Bucks to give him a permanent home for the rest of his NBA career. If they do then I believe that Milwaukee could be on top of their division making them a top 4 team out in the Eastern Conference.

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#9 Mo Williams

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Mo Williams will become 30 years old next month and he will also become a free agent at the end of the season. Now at 30 years old is he worth a max contract?

Crazy things have happened in the NBA and it would not surprise me that they decide to do that. It may not be the smartest thing to do for the Utah Jazz, but with no other option coming their way anytime soon they may have no choice.

They do not want Williams to walk away to another team and become a great asset to them. That's why I believe that Williams will get a long term contract by Utah.

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#8 O.J. Mayo


O.J. Mayo could be part of the of the Mavs future if they fail to persuade Howard away from Los Angeles. I mean why not? Dallas is going to need all-star type players and signing players to a 1-2 year deal may not be the best way to bring those players to the team.

Mayo was selected 3rd overall by the Memphis Grizzlies in 2008. They decided not to re-sign him this past off-season given the Mavs the opportunity to grab him from the market.

With Mayo desire to be in Dallas if he produces at an all-star level then he could become the next face of the franchise. Which will mean the Mavs will sign Mayo to a max contract.

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#7 Darren Collison


Another Maverick that could get a max contract and that's Darren Collison. In fact, the Mavs could sign both Collison and Mayo. The way they are both playing in this early NBA season it looks like the two could be part of a future “Big Three” for Dallas.

Collison was traded to Dallas during this past summer. With only a year left on his contract I believe he will be a big target in next year's free agency.

I believe that if the Mavs sign him to a max deal he could be a big part of their success in the future. That is why it will not be a surprise if they have a contract ready by the time free agency begins next summer.

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#6 Tyreke Evans

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Tyreke Evans' rookie contract expires at the end of the season and he will become a restricted free agent. With the Sacramento Kings looking to have a successful season for the first time in awhile Evans could be part of the future for the team.

He was selected 4th overall in the 2009 NBA draft by the Kings and at only 23 years old he could develop into a great all-star for them. I believe that at the end of their season that they will be wanting to keep him. That will make the Kings to offer a for the young man.

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#5 Andre Iguodala


The Denver Nuggets traded for Andre Iguodala and if he produces at a all-star level then they will want to keep him going forward. He can exit his contract early and become a free agent next summer.

Iguodala was a great asset to the Philadelphia 76ers where he averaged 15.3 points, 4.9 assists and 5.8 rebounds per game. If he can produce the same numbers or better with the Nuggets this year they could offer him a max contract.

At 28 years old (29 in January) he could be entering the prime of his career. Which means that he could be the main key for the Nuggets future success and get them to that next level in the NBA.

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#4 Josh Smith

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Crazy as it may sound it will not surprise me if the Hawks offer Josh Smith a max contract during the summer. He does become an unrestricted free agent after the season.

He has spent his whole career with the Hawks after being selected 17th overall in the 2004 NBA Draft. During his career (not including this season) he has averaged 15.1 points, 7.9 rebound and 3.1 assists per game.

The reason why it will not surprise me that he will be offered a max contract is because they gave Joe Johnson a max contract. They traded him to Brooklyn this past off-season. Also Smith is only 26 years old (27 next month). Unless the Hawks are hoping to bring in some big name guys like Dwight Howard then Smith will sign that big contract. That means that he will most likely spend his whole career with Atlanta.

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#3 Andrew Bynum


The 76ers may have something special here. With Andrew Bynum on the team they could have their own “Dwight Howard”.

Okay, I know he may not be at the same level as Howard, but I do believe that he has the capability to do so. Maybe even better.

Last year with the Lakers he had his best season of his career. He averaged 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds per game. If he produces like that this year for Philadelphia then I believe that they will offer him a max contract.

Why not? He is only 25 years old and he could become one of the greatest center in this decade. Although he has not matured much I still believe he will be a great asset to the 76ers. If not then he could walk away and another team that has room could offer him a max deal which could mostly be by the Rockets.

If the Rockets fail to sign Howard then there is no doubt that Bynum will be their back up plan. That is my prediction for him. I believe that he will sign with the Rockets next off-season with a max contract.

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#2 Chris Paul

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Nobody ever talks about the other team in Hollywood, but the Los Angeles Clippers do have a championship contending team. With Chris Paul becoming a free agent after the season I know for a fact that the Clippers do not want to lose him.

If they advance far in the post-season then there is no doubt that Paul will want to stay with L.A. This will be his second year with the team after being traded before last season by the New Orleans Hornets.

I believe that they cannot be a great team without Paul and that is why I believe that he will be offer that max contract. With the Clippers going forward as a threat in the Western Conference there's not doubt that they will offer him one.

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#1 Dwight Howard

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It was obvious who would be the #1 guy who will get a max contract and that's Dwight Howard. If it is not by the Lakers then somebody will give him one.

I do believe that the Lakers will be the #1 team on Howard's list, but three other teams have the room to offer him that money and they are the Mavs, Rockets and Hawks.

I doubt that he will want to go to Atlanta since they have nothing there to offer him. However, the Rockets and Mavericks do.

It all depends on what Howard wants to do at the end of the Lakers season. I believe that if for some reason he decides not to accept the Lakers offer then he will either be with Dallas or Houston. I actually have the Rockets as the team he goes to if he does not re-sign with L.A. In the end it does not matter where he lands up because either of the three teams will offer him a max contract.