Detroit Pistons' Greg Monroe Confident Team Taking Right Steps

By John Raffel

Detroit Pistons center Greg Monroe insists his team is making progress and taking steps forward. It just isn’t showing up on the final NBA scoresheet.

Monroe scored 14 points and had 10 rebounds plus three blocked shots in an effort to improve his personal defensive game in the team’s 105-94 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday night.

But considering the Pistons were playing on the road against one of the best teams in the NBA, Monroe could still find some comfort in the performance.

“We did make progress, but there’s no consolation right now,” Monroe said. “We got to win these games. We think we did take a step, especially defensively. They’ve got two of the best scorers in the league on that team. I think we did a good job for most of the game but it just wasn’t enough.”

Andre Drummond scored 22 points and Monroe was asked if he was surprised with the performance of the rookie.

“No, I wouldn’t say it was surprising,” Monroe responded. “He did what he was supposed to do tonight. He let everything come to him. He didn’t force anything. He was on the boards. He got his second shots. He was strong around the rim. I wouldn’t say I was surprised at all. That’s what he was supposed to do. Tonight, he did his job really well.”

But Monroe and Drummond both know they can’t be having their best performances of the season and not be winning games. Other Pistons need to be stepping up and Monroe and Drummond both need to continue to do their thing.

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