Oklahoma City Thunder Coach Scott Brooks Eyes More Consistent Defense

By John Raffel
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Defense. That’s really the key factor for his team, as for as Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks is concerned.

If his team wants to have another shot at the NBA finals, it has to be the best defensive team in the league, as far as Brooks is concerned.

Brooks liked the way his team played defense Tuesday night in a 105-94 victory over the Detroit Pistons.

“I thought we played good defense,” Brooks said. “Just looking at Eric (Maynor), every game he seems to be more comfortable and making better plays. I thought he had a great, almost a flawless, first half. Perk’s (Kendrick Perkins) energy was great also. You can’t discount what he did pressuring the ball up the court and just taking time off the shot clock.

“Other than that, I thought our defense was pretty good the first half and just very average in the second half but it was a good win.”
Brooks simply wants his team to play consistent basketball on a consistent basis.
“Well defense, that’s what we take pride in,” he said. “In Chicago (Thursday night), they were as physical as any team in this league. And to play a back-to-back knowing that we had to play good defense, I’m happy with that. To hold a team in the low 40’s (shooting percentage) that’s what we try to do every night and we did that tonight.

“Like I said, the second half wasn’t as good. We were exchanging baskets there for a six minute period, but overall I’m pleased with the way the guys defended.”


Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

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