Tough Loss In Phoenix Should Be A Good Learning Experience For The Cleveland Cavaliers

By Nick Claussen


Jennifer Stewart – US Presswire

The Cleveland Cavaliers 107 to 105 loss to the Phoenix Suns Friday night was tough to take, but the team showed a lot of great signs and the team will likely learn a lot from the defeat.

The Cavs started the game on a 22-4 run and had a 26-point lead in the first half. No lead is ever safe in the NBA, though, so of course Phoenix came back to make it a game.

I don’t care how big a lead is in an NBA game, the other team can always come back. If the presidential election had been an NBA game, you can bet that even when Team Obama got up big in electoral votes, Team Romney would have hit a few clutch shots from the swing states to get back into the game. It probably would have come down to a three-electoral-vote shot from the last state to decide the election.

Also, when you’re a young NBA team that has been losing a lot in the last few years, it takes some time to learn how to hold on to big leads. Teams sometimes need to learn how to keep up their focus and intensity when they have a lead,  and they need to learn how to win the close games.

The fact that the Cavs could start off a game so well and sprint out to a big lead is great. The team played well on offense and defense, and the Cavs looked very good in the first quarter. If the players can learn to keep that up in the future, they will have some success this season.

After the game, Coach Byron Scott said the team needs to play better defense and did not play well enough after jumping out to the big lead.

“I thought from the second quarter on we just played lackadaisical, 21 turnovers,” Scott said in quotes posted on the Cavs website. “Just real loose with the basketball and that team, I don’t know if we just thought they were going to stop playing or what, but they just kept playing hard. We just never reacted after the first quarter.”

The Cavs are a young team, and going through losses like this should help them later this season and in future years.

After six games, the Cavs are 2-4 and they have been in every game except for one. They should be 3-3, and could easily be 4-2.

So far this season, the Cavs have only had one bad game, 115 to 86 loss to the Chicago Bulls. The Cavs were never really in that game, but they have been in every other loss and had the opportunity to win each of the games.

This team is competitive, and if the players can stay healthy and keep improving, the Cavs are going to start winning more and more of these games as the year goes on.


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