Dallas Mavericks Could Have Troubles On The Road

By Derek Ayala

For the first time in nine years the Dallas Mavericks fall to the Charlotte Bobcats. Last night in Charlotte the Mavs went in as the only team in the NBA that the Bobcats have never defeated since their existence in 2004.

That 16 game winning streak against Charlotte came to an end after losing 101-97 in overtime. This brings them to a 4-3 record to start the season and a 1-2 road record as well. This could be a sign that the Mavs need Shawn Marion back as soon as possible, or that they are going to be a struggle on the road.

It is still only two weeks into the new NBA season. The fact that the Mavs have not yet have a full roster to work with shows that there’s not predicting this season for them.

Marion should be back sometime next week depending on how he feels. The Mavs will return home to face the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Washington Wizards before heading back to another back-to-back road games.

Dirk Nowitzki is not schedule to return until later at the end of the month of November or beginning of December. It is hard to evaluate the team when their main guy has yet to step onto the court with these new group of guys.

The game last night could have prove the lack of experience that the team had. Other than Vince Carter and Chris Kaman, the other guys on the court have five or less years of experience.

When the game got close at the end of the 4th the little mental mistakes cost the game to go into overtime. Then when those mental mistakes carried on into overtime it eventually cost the Mavs a game that they should have won.

I have no doubt that coach Rick Carlisle will get these guys on the right track to end the month of November on a high note. Once Nowitzki returns, hopefully they will have a full healthy roster. By that time maybe everybody will know what the Mavericks are really about. Until then, if the last two games on the road showed anything it’s that it could be a bumpy ride when this team is on the road.

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