Denver Nuggets Show Clutch Gene In Double-OT Thriller

By Danny Nicks

Since Carmelo Anthony’s departure from the Mile High City, the Denver Nuggets have been praised as a well-rounded and talented team from top to bottom with one major flaw, they have no closer.

However in a two overtime thriller against the Golden State Warriors, they showed that with the acquisition of Andre Iguodala this offseason and the maturation of Danilo Gallinari they may very well have two.

Gallinari, who was 3 for 11 from deep on the night, came through when it mattered most as he nailed a clutch three with 35 seconds remaining to seal the game–a basket which was preluded by a timely three pointer by Iguodala with 1:20 left in the period to put the Nuggets in a position to take control of the game.

Being able to have the likes of Ty Lawson, Gallinari and Iguodala on the floor together will prove to be a fearsome three headed monster that will keep defenses reeling down closing stretches. A truth that will only become increasingly evident as the three continue to gel over the course of the season.

Kenneth Faried will also continue to play a huge role in the team’s ability to close games, as his prowess on the offensive glass has only continued to progress this season, which his staggering 9 offensive rebounds(17 total) on the night can attest to.

His rebounding Saturday night was what ultimately put the Nuggets in a position to win the game in the first place, as the team shot an atrocious 38% from the field and 21% from deep.

If this team can find the kind of offensive identity it had last season, couple it with their new-found defensive efficiency and budding bevvy of closers, this team could very well be one juggernaut of a dark horse out West.

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