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Despite Win Over Milwaukee, Celtics Still in Funk

Boston Celtics


The Boston Celtics have been in one of their worst funks in recent memory; despite yesterday’s win over the Milwaukee Bucks.  The only time I can remember them playing this poorly was during the beginning of last year, and fortunately for that team, they advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals.  Celtics fans have to hope for similar results because after the first five games of this year. The Celtics do not look anything like a playoff team.

They have two victories over the Washington Wizards and those two games very well could have ended up as losses.  They are currently 3-3, even after Friday’s embarrassment at home against the Philadelphia 76ers, and if they were to have lost the Wizards games, they would be 1-6, which I really think is indicative of how they have been playing.

Their defense in particular has been horrific, allowing teams to score at will against them.  The Wizards didn’t have John Wall, who is arguably their best player, and likewise for Andrew Bynum with the 76ers.

Why are you losing home games to Milwaukee and Philadelphia?  I mean they are not awful teams as both should make the playoffs, but for a team that has aspirations for a championship, you cannot lose home games to those types of opponents.

The Celtics have been very inefficient at scoring the basketball and have no clear cut go to scorer at the moment who you know can take over a game.  Paul Pierce carries that reputation, but I don’t think he is as reliable as he once was.

The Celtics are a complete mess right now and clearly need to do something to change things up.


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