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Do the Celtics Have a Trade Match With Utah?

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The Boston Celtics clearly look like a team who might eventually need to shake things up during the middle of the season to get things going.  Heck, even a big change right now might do some good.  They are in a complete funk and need to do something to try and change their fortunes.

One team who appears poised to make some moves as the season progresses is the Utah Jazz.  They have four young forwards who any team would take in a second: Enes Kanter, Derrick Favors, Al Jefferson, and Paul Milsap.  All four of them can play and any team would gladly take them off of Utah’s hands.  Of course it takes two to tango and the Jazz obviously need something good in order to pull the trigger on a potential move.

Could the Celtics realistically make a deal with Utah?  I absolutely think they are capable and at this point it really depends on what Utah would be looking for in return.  You have to think a guard would be an area of need, as they are well stocked with front court players, including Marvin Williams and Gordon Hayward.

I would include Avery Bradley in a deal only if it was in return for either Kanter or Favors.  Jefferson is obviously a nice player, but I am not sure the team would make a huge effort to bring him back for a second tour of duty.  Milsap is going to want a nice extension and I don’t see the Celtics wanting to give that to him.

Favors and Kanter would be the obvious candidates, but they would require more than just Bradley.  I am sure Utah would require Jared Sullinger in return and that’s when things would start to get confusing.

A trade with the Jazz will probably never happen, but it doesn’t hurt for the Celtics to at least explore the possibility.


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