Lineup Changes for Celtics in Milwaukee

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers made big lineup changes last night against the Milwaukee Bucks, starting Jason Terry and Brandon Bass in place of Courtney Lee and Jared Sullinger.  As I had previously mentioned, Rivers had to do something to change things up and felt Bass and Terry would be a good fit in the starting lineup for the time being.

The Bass move isn’t particularly shocking as he has been a long time starter for the Celtics and has been playing starters minutes even when he was coming off the bench.  Sullinger really wasn’t giving the team anything in the starting lineup and might be a better fit as an energy player off the bench.  All along it seemed as if Bass was always a better fit for the starting lineup as he brings a more balanced game to the floor than Sullinger does at this stage in his career.

The move of Terry to the starting unit was a bit more surprising as he has been a 6th man for almost his entire career.  He hasn’t started for a long length of time in years and has always prided himself on coming off the bench.  I doubt the Terry move is a long term one, as the Celtics signed him specifically to come off the bench and help create offense in the second unit.  I think it is strictly a short term decision for Rivers, basically trying anything to provide a spark to a rather lackluster start to this young NBA season.

The Celtics have decided to change things up and this will not be the first time Rivers tinkers with his lineups.


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