What Will Happen When the New York Knicks Struggle?

By Thomas Duffy

The New York Knicks have the best record in the NBA at 4-0, going into a Tuesday night game against a very beatable Orlando Magic (2-3) team that was blown out by the Brooklyn Nets (2-2).

Carmelo Anthony is averaging 27.3 PPG. New York has scored 100+ points in each of their wins, allowing just one of their opponents to score 90+ points.

Yes, the Knicks are lighting it up on offense right now. But there will be inevitable nights where shots just don’t fall, where it seems as though there is a lid on the basket. I don’t foresee those nights as being insurmountable, as they would be for some other teams, because the Knicks’ success in rooted in defense.

The fact that “good defense” and “Knicks” are even used in the same sentence is such a huge credit to coach Mike Woodson. New York basketball used to be associated with grit, hustle, and defensive effort. It seems as though the 2012-13 Knicks are getting back to being that type of team.

When J.R. Smith and Anthony can’t buy a basket at some point this season, fans will get worried. Last year, offensive struggles absolutely called for panic. But this season fans need to realize that when they miss, Smithand Anthony will try and make up for it on defense, which is something that neither of them have done in their careers.

The 2012-13 Knicks are a different team than the ones that we’ve seen representing New York for a long time. The defensive rooted team concept is a special and beautiful thing for fans to see.  It should take the Knicks deep in the playoffs this season.

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