Andrew Bynum Injury Saga Coming to a Pinnacle

By Tyler R. Tynes

The Philadelphia 76ers seem to finally be catching a break with injuries, as star center Andrew Bynum, may be in the spirited red, white, and blue sooner than previously thought.

The Sixers have targeted a date of when they believe that Bynum may be expected to come back to the basketball world. Even though its not what most Philadelphia fans could have anticipated, the front office believes Bynum can continue “basketball activities” on December 10, and then take 1-4 weeks to condition himself to be ready to play again.

Even though we most likely won’t expect Bynum to really start in the low-post until what appears to be after Christmas, this still brings a distilled level of hope for the Sixers over-exuberant fan base.

ESPN’s Marc Stein says it the best:

Also it should be pointed out, that most basketball experts didn’t really see Bynum starting out the season with the Sixers anyway. Bynum has only played a full season once in his career (2006-2007) and that wasn’t even when he was starting with the Los Angeles LakersFurthermore, Bynum only played a combined 392 games out of which he could have played 574, so there was always the thought that he wouldn’t bring a full season to his new life in Philadelphia.

What some did expect from the 7-foot, 300 lb behemoth that is Andrew Bynum, is that he would come in and play around 60 games and be a dominant force not only in the low-post but also in the NBA postseason.

Regardless of what the season holds for Bynum, don’t let his numbers confuse you; 18.7 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 1.9 blocks per game while shooting nearly 57 percent from the floor.

One thing that the NBA will know, despite how long it might take him to come back, is that Bynum is a Beast.

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