Gameday Stats: Toronto Raptors host Utah Jazz

By Craig Ballard
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Gameday! Tonight your Toronto Raptors (1-5) host the Utah Jazz (3-4). Here is our Gameday look at Gameday Stats…

The Jazz are 0-4 on the road in 2012.

Last season the Raps beat the Jazz which snapped a 12-game winning streak in this series for Utah.

Kyle Lowry, Landry Fields, and Alan Anderson are all likely to miss this game.

DeMar DeRozan has had little success in his career vs the Jazz. He averages just 11 points vs Utah.

Andrea Bargnani has also struggled in his career vs Utah. He shoots just 37% vs Utah, and averages just 13 points per game. On the season Bargs is making just 34% of his shots at home (yikes).

The Raps are 0-5 when out-rebounded. The Jazz are one of the top rebounding teams in the NBA. Only the Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons have been worse rebounders so far than the Raps.

Having injuries has derailed any Raps offense. They are one of the NBA’s worst teams for assisting teammates (the offense has no flow currently).

In his past 3 games Jonas Valanciunas has made 11 of his 18 shots, plus all 8 free-throws, but he has just 1 block in that span and has been surpassed by Amir Johnson as the teams leading shot blocker.

Former Raptor Ty Corbin is the Jazz head coach. Corbin finished his 16-year NBA playing career with the Raps. He played in 15 games (1 start) and averaged 6 points per game for the T-Dot. As the Jazz coach he is 47-54.

The Jazz are a horrid 15-36 on the road under Corbin.

The Raps have been poor from downtown, but the Jazz have been one of the NBA’s worst from downtown.

Paul Millsap averages 14 points per game vs the Raps. That is one of his highest vs any team.

Marvin Williams and Mo Williams were each brought in this off-season. Each makes north of $8 mill per season. Marvin has seen a very slight regression in his numbers, while Mo has seen his numbers increase a tad in Utah.

Al Jefferson makes double what the next highest paid Utah player makes. He also makes almost twice as much as any Raptor. Big Al averages 14 points and 6 rebounds vs the Raps. He had 27 points the other day which is by far his best performance this season. Big Al has 4-straight games of double-digit rebounds and vs the Raps that should surely climb to 5-straight.

Jose Calderon has struggled to pick up the slack by not having Lowry. Calderon had 11 assists in the Raps loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, but in his other 5 games this season he has a measly 17 assists combined.

Terrance Ross had 10 points in the OKC Thunder game, but has 10 total points combined in every other game. Ross has shot as many free-throws as you or I, which is to say – zero.

Ed Davis has shown zero improvement in his offensive game. In the past 2 games he has played a total of 9 minutes. Davis has been poor vs the Jazz. The only team he has less production against is the Denver Nuggets.

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