Los Angeles Lakers: Is Coach K a Better Choice Than Phil Jackson?

By Kaylyn Neely

On Friday afternoon, the Los Angeles Lakers announced that they had fired head coach Mike Brown after a weak start to the hyped season. There had been gossip that Brown might be fired but the reasonable mind would think that it was far to early to fired Brown. Yet, the Lakers terminated Brown on the afternoon of a day game.

To make such a huge decision, the Lakers must have been pretty secure that they will have a replacement. The team announced that they meet with Phil Jackson to take over the position as he has the respect and authority to command superstars and a winning record behind him.

A source told Sporting News:

 “It was a little like a ship without a rudder with Mike,” said one source close to the situation. “He didn’t have the same command that you would want with a team like that. They’re veterans and they know when someone is in over their head and it seemed like that was the case with Mike.”

Phil Jackson would be a great choice. However, since the Lakers already fired their head coach, one must speculate that an offer has already been extended to the coach that has led the way to 11 championships. ESPN has issued a report that validates that the contract is one the table. Jackson just needs to accept.

Yet, if the Lakers were confident Jackson will accept the position, it seems a little overkill to have Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard publicly endorse hiring him. Unless, the Lakers are trying to put pressure on Jackson to ink the contract.

If Jackson rejects the Lakers offer, than Mike Krzyzewski, “Coach K,” should be the first call the Lakers make.

Coach K is the coach of the United States men’s national basketball team, the team that he has led to two Olympic gold medals and restored the American program. He was also an assistant coach on the 1992 “Dream Team.”

Teams have tired to sign Coach K for almost two decades. He was interviewed by the Lakers in 2004, following Jackson’s departure. Lakers GM, Mitch Kupchak offered him the job. He turned it down.

Coach K can lead superstars. The Duke University coach has mentored some of the bright basketball players to ever play the game. Carmelo Anthony was rejuvenated during his time at the Olympics.

Coach K announced before the United States gold medal game against Spain in London that the game would be his last game as national coach. Leaving him with a coaching resume that is only missing one accomplishment…

Perhaps, now is the right time for Kupchak to re-extend the offer.




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