Dallas Mavericks Loss To Minnesota Timberwolves Shows Signs of Worse To Come

By Derek Ayala
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Make it three straight loses for the Dallas Mavericks as they fall to the young Minnesota Timberwolves, 90-82. The Mavs never lead in this game and these last three loses have really shown how important Shawn Marion is to the team.

This is the 4th game that Marion has not played, due to a MCL sprain, and it looks like it will be a week before he makes his return. This could be a problem for the Mavs since nobody in the past three games have stepped it up on the defensive side of the court.

They lost to a team that did not have their star player, Kevin Love. I’m not taking anything away from the Timberwolves win last night because they earned it and they have been playing fantastic in this early season without their main guy.

However, this is the Dallas Mavericks. This is a Mark Cuban team and coached by one of the greatest coaches in the NBA, Rick Carlisle. Fans are expecting success when it comes to a basketball game especially during the regular season.

With nobody stepping it up on the defensive side of the game then it may be a downward slide for these Mavs in the coming weeks. They host the Washington Wizards on Wednesday then head off to another back-to-back games on the road this weekend (Friday and Saturday).

A team that already seems like it is going to have troubles playing away from home it does not look good, going forward, for the Dallas Mavericks. Especially with Dirk Nowitzki still out for at least another month.

At least this is happening at the beginning of the season instead of mid-way. That means that the Mavs should be okay, for now. However, being in the Western Conference means that these Mavs cannot waste too much time. If they find themselves in a hole early on it may be hard to climb out of it.

Especially since the Southwest Division is packed with great teams. The San Antonio Spurs always seems unstoppable during the regular season. Then there is the Memphis Grizzlies who have started off great early on this season and also the Houston Rockets have James Harden and the New Orleans Hornets have their young duo, Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers.

Screw ups for the Mavs this month and early December may be okay. Although, if it continues then my pre-season prediction for them winning the division and 54 games may be thrown out the window sooner than later.

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