Detroit Pistons Can Take Pride In Jason Maxiell’s Play

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Two major plusses the Detroit Pistons have going for them, despite an 0-8 start is that Jason Maxiell is playing well and the eight-game schedule with the NBA’s Eastern Conference has ended.

Goodbye Western Conference, and good riddance, as far as the Pistons are concerned.

Eight games against the West to open this season and eight losses. All the Pistons can hope for now is that their NBA Eastern Conference partners can take it much easier on them.

The Oklahoma City Thunder rallied in the final quarter for a come-from-behind NBA victory on Monday, 92-90, further adding to the Pistons’ woes.

Jason Maxiell was solid with 5-of-10 shooting and 13 points, plus seven boards.

“I know, having been through it, when you’re struggling to win a game, the bottom line is ‘let’s compete like that every night.’ If we compete like that every night, we’ll get our fair share of wins,” said Pistons coach Lawrence Frank. “ It can’t just be selective and sometimes you compete and you lose, but it’s obviously disappointing to lose that game.

“Max (Jason Maxiell) was unbelievable for us and covered a lot of our mistakes,” Prince said. “This loss was tough to swallow because the guys put out a great effort for a long period of time.”

Now all Maxiell needs is support from his other teammates who are struggling big-time from the floor.

“I don’t ever think whether it’s a win or a loss it becomes a season-defining game; the season is just too long,” Frank said. “You just have to have some resolve and bounce back, that’s just the nature of this league.”


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