Why Kevin Martin Should Be A Western Conference All-Star

By Eli Friedman

The 2012-2012 NBA All-Star game will be played in Houston this year, and there are five Thunder players on the 2013 ballot.  These players include the usual Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Durant. New to the ballot are Kevin Martin, Kendrick Perkins, and Serge Ibaka.

Besides the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat, it looks as if the Thunder could possibly have three or four players wearing the West on their jersey. One player I would really like to see get in the game would be newly acquired and stud Kevin Martin. Why? Well, let’s just say that it would be really cool and “in your face” kind of thing for Kevin Martin to play in Houston for an all-star game.

Secondly, this guy deserves it. All you heard so far this season has been about James Harden and what he has done to this Houston Rockets team. Silently enough, Martin has been a huge helped to the Thunder by averaged 19 points a game and shooting 50.7 person from the field.

When you look across the Western Conference, Martin is your fourth best shooting guard behind Kobe Bryant, Andre Iguodala, and Harden.

But, with the support of fans from Oklahoma City, Kevin Martin can make his way into this game. Here is a release statement from the NBA:

“Twitter voting will allow fans to tweet a vote for one player each day throughout the All-Star balloting period. The tweet must include a player’s first and last name, along with hash tag #NBABALLOT. Facebook voting will allow fans to fill out one full ballot (three frontcourt and two guards from each conference) per day, through a custom application on Facebook.”

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