Derrick Rose Should Feel Inspired From Adrian Peterson's Advice

By Brendon Fitzsimons
Dennis Wierzbicki- US Presswire

Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose is about six to seven months into his rehab process for a torn ACL, and to help him along his process of recovery, NFL star Adrian Peterson had these words of encouragement for him via

“My advice for him would be to just attack it. Right now, the ligament is strong enough to cut with it. Don’t be hesitant. When you’re out doing drills, do it as you normally would any other day. Push yourself and challenge yourself. That’s the only way you’ll build the strength and confidence to where it should be.”

As this is good advice, especially from Peterson, it cannot be taken the wrong way. Peterson is the name we think of when we think of athletes who have successfully come back after a torn ACL or MCL because he torn both last year on Christmas Eve. And after nine months of rehab, he has made a miraculous comeback to begin this season and is now leading the NFL in rushing yards. But no two knee injuries are alike and thus no two rehab processes are either.

News broke this week that Rose has begun cutting and slashing on his knee and that’s great seeing as that is the area he approached with the most caution. However, while Peterson’s words are no doubt inspiring, they might also be dangerous. Rose has spent his career attacking, he shows determination and drive no matter what the task at hand is and there is no question in my mind that he will approach his rehab the same way. But seeing as he is such a vital part to Chicago’s success and cutting is is such a vital part to his game, the last thing they want him to do is over-reach and do more harm than good.

This is Rose’s injury and and it is his rehab process. While words of encouragement are always welcome, Rose knows his body more so than anyone else does and should keep that in mind when he is told to “attack” the  part of his body that is the most important part of his game.

Peterson had another quote; he said that Rose will be, “back better than he was before,” and if he handles his rehab the way he has been and continues to move at the rate he is now there is no doubt that Peterson will be correct. But if Rose deviates from what is working and decides to do more than his body can handle then it may take longer for him to get back to 100 percent and would thus delay his return to the floor.


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