Detroit Pistons' Greg Monroe Realizes Fruits Of Playing 48 Minutes

By John Raffel

Greg Monroe and his Detroit Pistons know full well the difference between winning a game and not winning it: playing a full 48 minutes and not playing a full 48 minutes.

It’s that simple. But it’s a mattter of putting it on the court..

Playing in the NBA Eastern Conference compared to the Western Conference might have something to do with that, also.

The Pistons started the season 0-8, with all eight losses coming against Western Conference opponents. Now they get started with playing the Eastern Conference and are 1-0. They picked on the Philadelphia 76ers for a 94-76 win Wednesday night.

“It was really important because we needed it,” Monroe said. “As a team, we thought it was long overdue. A lot of games, we could’ve won, so tonight we just wanted to come out and do a good job for 48 minutes.”

The good news is that the Pistons stay with Eastern Conference teams for awhile. But that will only be good news if they don’t intend on taking time off in any games. They have the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics coming up.

“We played well all 48 minutes tonight compared to other games where we had some lapses,” Monroe said after Wednesday’s game. “Tonight, we did a good job of withstanding runs. We did have some little droughts but we were able to get to the free throw line for easy buckets. But for everything we did well on offense, we didn’t have letdowns on defense as much as we did before, and I think that was what made the difference.”


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