How will John Wall's return make the Wizards better?

By almanon
John Walln and Bradley Beal
Geoff Burke- US Presswire

So far in the 2012-2013 NBA season the Washington Wizards are struggling without franchise centerpiece John Wall. Wizards are struggling with keeping the offense together.

When Wall returns back to the Wizards things should clean up for them.  He will definitely make them run smoother. No more forcing the ball down the court, meaning less turnovers for the Wizards offense. Wall returning will make it so much easier for players to score and no more forced baskets. He will make sure the scorers get their shot exactly where they like it.

Bradley Beal is struggling right now in his rookie season but once Wall returns, he will help Beal get his shots and both will produce a strong backcourt for the future.

Defense! Their main problem currently in the season, Wall’s presence on the defensive end will make the team play as a whole and grow strong throughout the season. Wall will definitely keep the team in the game defensively during late game situations. Scoring on their own is no problem for the Wizards players, but when Wall is on that court he is going to help with the team keeping the game close, whereas the Wizards have been letting those games slip away due to poor defense.

Wall isn’t just their main guy on the team he is THE guy on the team. Even though Wall is still young, he is the core of the Wizards in every aspect. He is the offense, the defense and the voice for the young team. They might be on a struggle now but have no doubts that as soon as Wall gets back on the court expect a major turnaround for the Wizards.

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