Philadelphia 76ers' Lack of Physicality Worries Doug Collins

By John Raffel

It’s not that the Philadelphia 76ers should be in a panic mode right now.

Sure, they lost 94-76 to the Detroit Pistons who entered Wednesday’s NBA game at 0-8. But the Pistons weren’t that bad of a team despite their record. And the Sixers are 4-4.

But what should worry coach Doug Collins is his team’s physicality and lack of it against the Pistons.

Lavoy Allen and Jrue Holiday combined for 26 of their team’s points.

“We had a great practice yesterday,” Collins said. “We’re playing against a team that is desperate, 0 and eight. I told you that this team was a lot better than their record. I have no idea why. I really don’t. I don’t know how many times I asked the coaches sitting on the sidelines, ‘What’s going on?’ I had no idea, but we were in slow motion.

“The only guy I thought had any juice at all in the first half was Jrue Holiday. If we think that team is physical, wait until (the Utah Jazz) comes in here on Friday.”

The absense of the injured Andrew Bynum, which leaves out a 7-0, 285-pound force, seems to be taking its toll.

Collins was asked if the physicality factor is wearing his team down.

“Well, we’ve only played eight games,” he replied. “I sure hope not. If you look at it, we don’t have much size on the front line. Kwame (Brown) came back and gave us some minutes tonight, but we’re small. Thad (Thaddeus Young) and Spencer (Hawes) are small and we just don’t have much physicality. That definitely hurts.”


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