Philadelphia Sixers Suffering From Rebounding Woes, Says Jrue Holiday

By John Raffel

Jrue Holiday is a point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers who says there’s one ingredient of his team’s play that needs to improve for the 4-4 Philly to get above the .500 mark: rebounding.

The Sixers were outrebounded by 19 boards against the previously winless Detroit Pistons Wednesday night, and the rebounding difference was a factor no one could ignore.

“It just has to come from ourselves,” Holiday said. “We can’t blame anybody. We can’t blame the crowd, we can’t blame our coach. Sometimes you’ve just got to look in the mirror. The only person we can blame is ourselves.”

Holiday is also concerned that the Sixers are showing a lack of physicality in NBA play. Not having 7-foot center healthy enough to play obviously contributes to the dilemma.

“Again, it’s discouraging obviously after that happens, but when you see somebody is beating up on you or punking you, you’re supposed to hit back. We didn’t have that today and then after a while when we tried to, it was like everything was going their way. They got every loose ball just kind of thrown into their hands. The rim was this big, so every shot that they put up was going in.”

Holiday had three steals and dished out seven assists, while also bringing down six boards. His only negative was 4-of-13 in shooting. For the season, he’s averaging 18.3 points, 8.8 assists and 3.8 rebounds per game.

“We’re getting defensive stops, then missing,” he said. “Then missing jump shots, then missing layups. We’re playing pretty good defense. It wasn’t even a 100-point game so we’re playing defensively fine. We just need to get rebounds.”

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