Thunder Lose To Grizzlies: Why This Thunder Team Has No Identity

By Eli Friedman

Shameful. Hurtful. Tough. Bitter. Every word you can use for the word bad.

Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder got out played by the Memphis Grizzlies in a loss, 107-97.

Everything was bad. Poor defense, poor rotations on defense, poor shot selection, poor defensive rebounding, poor efficiency. Poor everything.

There were so many negatives last night. Russell Westbrook was horrible shooting wise in the first three quarters. Kevin Durant couldn’t defend Rudy Gay if his life depended on it. The ball was in the hands of Kendrick Perkins late, why?  Kevin Martin only attempted four shots. And the biggest negative of all: This team has no identity.

Now, there was one positive: Serge Ibaka was hitting his mid-range jumper.

Scott Brooks on the loss:

“We’re disappointed we lost the game, no question,” Brooks said. “I’m not going to say it’s just another game in November because it’s not. Every game is an important game. I thought tonight they outplayed us and we’re not happy with it, but we’re going to look at film and see why that happened. It wasn’t because of effort. They just outplayed us.”

Kevin Durant on moving forward:

“We move past it, and just have a good day of practice tomorrow and move on to New Orleans,” Durant said. “It’s nine games into the year man. There’s no need for us to hang our heads. After a win we move past it, and after a loss we move past it. I give credit to Memphis. They came out, took our first hit and were able to respond pretty well. It’s a great learning lesson for us.”

Extra Notes:

The Thunder played the best first quarter all year. Then, they go to the bench, come back up, and play the worst second quarter all year, with Memphis outplaying them 36-15.

Oh. Rudy Gay was unbelievable last night.

Someone please let me know when this Thunder team wants to play defense.

Next up is at New Orleans on Friday. A blowout would be beautiful.

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