Jared Dudley under-performing for the Phoenix Suns

By David Charnley
Jared Dudley Phoenix Suns
Jenifer Stewart -US Presswire

In what has been a dramatic season so far for the Phoenix Suns most of the roster has impressed with their high tempo play and maximum effort; however there has been an exception.

Jared Dudley has under-performed so far this season and Alvin Gentry and the fans will not have been pleased with his efforts.

In what wasn’t expected to be an easy start to this transition season for the Suns the wing player has so far lacked in effort and quality.

We are still early on in the season but a familiar trait of this Suns side is the ability to show incredible fight and never giving up. Three games come to mind, against the Cleveland Cavaliers they came back from 26 down, against Denver Nuggets they came back from 10 and most recently against the Chicago Bulls they came back from 18. Where there isn’t enough praise for the likes of Marcin Gortat and Louis Scola the same can’t be said about Dudley.

Over the years Dudley has impressed fans and due to his toughness and nose for the ball earned him the nickname ‘junkyard dog,’ this season he has been highly disappointing, and how long will Gentry continue to use him as a starter.

In 2010 he was the example of the Suns effort taking them to the Western Conference Finals due to his high levels of effort and ability to change games.

It appears that levels of complacency has set into his game, we don’t see the same drive, the effort for him fighting for rebounds the way he used to, there is a lack of hustle from Dudley.

He needs to step up his game, because P.J.Tucker is waiting in the wings and when on the court he is stealing the limelight from Dudley. The Californian shooting guard needs to wake up or risk Gentry putting him back on the bench.

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