Mike D'Antonio promises a fast game for the Los Angeles Lakers

By David Charnley
Mike D'Antoni Los Angeles Lakers
Jayne Kamin Oycea-US Presswire


Mike D’Antoni has promised Los Angeles Lakers fans a faster offense and deliver what general manager Mitch Kupchak wanted during the off-season.

Under Mike Brown and his ‘Princeton’ offense at times we saw a rather labored execution of getting points on to the board, mixed in with poor defense it was time for a change.

“We have a vision of how we thought this team would play, bringing in a player like Steve Nash,” said Kupchak.

“We thought we could get the ball in his hands a lot, play up-tempo.”

D’Antoni won’t take over until Sunday and it won’t be until Steve Nash returns until we see the fast play Kupchak is dreaming of delivering to the Lakers fans.

“If you’ve got the best team, why wouldn’t you play the most possessions that you can play, if you’re the best defensively and offensively?” asked D’Antoni.

“Any time the possessions are cut down, then a bad call, missed shot, you’ve got a chance to lose. We keep the possessions up, to me statistically we’ve got a lot better chance to win when we’re playing a lot of reps. That’s the way we’re going to try to go.”

D’Antoni however is also aware that the fast paced game that he ran with Nash in thePhoenix Suns offense won’t be the same as age has started to catch up with the point guard. Quality is still there, with the class around him, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol, and we could be used to seeing the Lakers posting scores of 110 on a nightly basis.

“Age will keep it down a little bit with two big guys. We might go small some, that will rev it up.

“There are some things we can do, but whatever comes out will be an efficient offensive team and an efficient defensive team.”

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