Chicago Bulls Set To Take On The Clippers

By meganhuston
Jayne Kamin Oncea-US Presswire

Opposites will attract as the Chicago Bulls make their way into the Staples Center Saturday night to take on the Los Angeles Clippers. It’s a matchup of polar opposites. While Chicago’s game is rooted in hard work on the defensive end and balance scoring, the Clippers with their star studded roster are a run-and-gun team, with flashy above the rim plays that has rightfully earned them the nickname “Lob City”.

It’s the age-old matchup of blue collar vs. white collar. The Bulls being the hardworking blue collar employees, playing without a true superstar and relying solely on teamwork on both the offensive and defensive end. That hard work has them entering Saturday night’s game with a record of 5-3 (5th best in East). With five of those eight games coming against Western Conference teams where the Bulls have a record of 3-2.

Now on the other side you have the Clippers or as referred to in this scenario the white collar workers. They have superstars such as Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin, paired with high flyers like DeAndre Jordan with former Sixth Men of Year in Jamal Crawford and Lamar Odom coming off the bench. With all this star power the Clippers have quickly become the biggest show in Hollywood.

But L.A. has their work cut out for them come Saturday night as the blue collar Bulls make their way into “Lob City”. Yes, the Bulls might be without Derrick Rose but that hasn’t stopped them from winning thus far. If the Clips come into the game thinking of Chicago solely as a “Rose-less team” and take them lightly they will indeed lose. They might be without Rose but they’re never without defensive intensity and teamwork on the brain.

This matchup will be a battle of styles. But which style will win out?

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