Detroit Pistons Could Use Ben Wallace In Their Lineup

By John Raffel


Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

It’s obvious what Lawrence Frank needs to get the Detroit Pistons to do to save his coaching  job and to salvage the entire season for the struggling NBA team.

Play much, much, much, much better defense. It’s that simple.

Bring back Ben Wallace. At least he knew what defense was. Or, at least get someone like Ben.

The Pistons seemed all set for victory No. 2 when they hosted the Orlando Magic Friday. But thanks to inconsistent Detroit defense, the Magic looked like one of the league’s elite teams in a 110-106 victory.

“We scored 31 points in the fourth quarter, scored 106 points and lose?” Frank said. “Completely opposite of what we did in Philadelphia. (Giving up) 110 points is just not going to get it done. I guess we need these lessons to remind us what it’s going to take to win.”

Orlando shot 49.4 percent from the floor, which should bother Pistons coaches for a home game.

“You could see where this game was headed,” Frank said  We were scoring and had a good flow, but we weren’t guarding anyone. It catches up to you and you could see it early where the game was going. Very, very disappointing. If we’re going to lose, we have to lose on our terms, and that’s why we are where we’re at right now, because we haven’t consistently established our terms.”

Since an aging Wallace went into forced retirement when the Pistons figured they didn’t need someone in his late 30s, Frank is trying to identify defensive stoppers on his team. It could take awhile.

“We’ve learned that a shootout probably isn’t going to be the best thing for us, and the one win we have, we locked in and scored off of our defense as opposed to relying on just offense,” he said.  You score 31 points in the fourth quarter, and what is it, 25 in the third, you should win the game.”

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