It Only Gets Easier From Here For The Toronto Raptors

By Sachin Arora
John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

The Toronto Raptors season may have hit an all-time low point after the loss against the Boston Celtics yesterday; however, things could be going up from here on out.

The Raps’ schedule gets significantly easier, as they could go on a winning streak as they aim to claw back to .500. The match-ups get more favorable as the worst part of their schedule is over and Kyle Lowry’s return will also give the team a huge boost.

Beating teams such as the Orlando Magic should represent the games the Raps should win with ease as they did today, receiving huge performances from DeMar DeRozan and Jose Calderon. A healthy Kyle Lowry would have made this game over at halftime, and the Raps will see more opponents similar to the rebuilding Magic going forward.

People have started to write off the Raps season due to their awful start; however, there are many factors that caused this. A team with 7 new faces isn’t going to have great chemistry right off the bat, especially considering three of them are starters. The margins of the losses also need to be considered- the Raps have been in some ridiculously close games and could have easily come out on top. And finally, injuries to Lowry, Landry Fields, and Alan Anderson also are taking a huge toll on the team’s performance.

Ultimately, the putrid start to the season isn’t a fair representation of the Raptors’ play thus far. Considering Lowry is due to return soon and the schedule continues to soften up, the Raptors should be just fine.

December 7th. That’s the day the Raptors should hit the .500 mark.

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