Should Pat Riley Consider Life Without Dwyane Wade?

By Aime Mukendi
Us Presswire-Gary A. Vasquez

It might be time to consider doing something that Miami Heat fans and some front office members may define as blasphemous and as a sign of utter disrespect and that is trading Dwyane Wade.

Yes he is the closer, yes he has spent his entire NBA career in South Beach, yes he was a very big reason why LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined the team in 2010, and yes since he has remained loyal to the team they should do the same for him. But, let’s consider that they are 15-3 in games without him since last season, James is more aggressive and arguably better with more spacing, there are some guards that are cheaper who have the clutch gene, and Wade in the latter half of his career is the closest thing to injury prone other than Philadelphia 76er center Andrew Bynum and Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Michael Vick.

Would it be wrong to bring an established veteran shooting guard who can defend and shoots the ball better than Wade? Especially if that allows the Heat to bring in a solid big man who can grab 10 rebounds per game and can make put-back layups and dunks?

Wade seems to be aging quick and seems to almost never be healthy. He is seen yelling and crying for foul calls from referees more than he is seen posterizing opponents. When James is off the floor and Wade becomes the number one scoring option the Heat offense often becomes ineffective and his missed shots often turn into transition opportunities for opposing teams. Wade is scoring a career low through 11 games averaging just 16.9 points per game. He has already missed three of the first 11 games and his play has declined over the past two seasons.

Wade at age 30 appears to be too comfortable at being respected off of reputation instead of current dominance.

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