The MVP Award Is LeBron James' To Lose

By Aime Mukendi
Us Presswire-Jennifer Stewart

The 2012-2013 NBA regular season Most Valuable Player award is Miami Heat star LeBron James‘s to lose.

The Heat have consistently won 70 percent of their games during the regular season since signing James and forward/center Chris Bosh in 2010 and James has improved many parts of his game since 2010. James is averaging 24.8 points per game through 10 games but has recorded two 30 point games this week alone and he is slowly climbing closer to his career average of 27.6 points per game. His scoring is down but his efficiency is at an all-time high and he is shooting 53.8 percent from the field and 44.8 percent from the three point line. His ability to play in the post may be the biggest reason for his high efficiency because he has added more post moves like the sky hook.

James is averaging a career high in rebounds averaging just over nine rebounds and is right around his career average in assists averaging just under seven per game this season. For James it seems impossible to have a better season or even have a year that equates  his basketball accomplishments of 2012.

James still has not improved his overall free throw shooting but he has shot well from the line in late game situations and has been aggressive in late game situations by driving to the basket which have resulted in a made field goal or a trip to the free throw line.

James is the favorite to win his fourth MVP award this season and his main competition will probably be close friends Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers whom just defeated the Heat 107-100 Wednesday night, and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. James will have the advantage over both players because teammate Dwyane Wade is still recovering from offseason knee surgery as well as suffering from other injuries that have caused him to miss games.  As long as James can maintain his career averages and the Heat continue winning 70 percent of their games, James will be ahead of the rest of the league in MVP voting.

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