This Miami Heat Team Is Historically Deep

By Aime Mukendi
Us Presswire-Steve Mitchell

The Miami Heat have arguably the deepest roster they have had in franchise history.

Thursday night they took on the Denver Nuggets in Denver without their starting backcourt and still led the entire game. Take out star Dwyane Wade and insert a recovering Mike Miller and it almost seemed like they became a better team.

There was a stretch in the third quarter when the Heat were unstoppable. LeBron James brings the ball up the court hits Shane Battier on the wing and it’s an automatic three pointer. James hits Miller in the corner and it’s the same result.  They looked like James’ old Cleveland Cavalier teams that just put the ball in his hands and instant offense and open shots came.

The Heat had not won in Denver in 10 years.  Wade had never won a game in Denver in his entire NBA career.

After such a long draught a Heat team missing Wade and starting point guard Mario Chalmers was able to end it. James finished three rebounds short of triple-double recording his season high in assists in the game with 12 and scoring 27 points to top it off.

The Heat caught fire from three led by Battier who made six of his seven attempted three pointers and Miller made four three pointers. They also committed just 11 turnovers as a team, Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Clippers James, Wade, and Chalmers combined to make 12 of the team’s 19 turnovers. Since last season, the Heat are 15-3 with Wade out of the line-up. When the ‘Big 3’ came together it was highly talked about how top heavy the Heat were and how weak their bench was but just two years later, their bench may be the deepest in team history.

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