Andrew Bynum Admits To Injuring Knee While Bowling

By Tyler R. Tynes
Howard Smith – US Presswire

Well the foolishness continues on South Broad Street.

The Philadelphia 76ers star center, Andrew Bynumhas done what most Sixers fans would think is the impossible at this point, he’s not only still injured, but piling them on like pieces of bread one after another to create a crippled sandwich.

Prior to the Sixers defeat of the Cleveland Cavaliers, 86-79, on Sunday night, Bynum spoke to the media involving his new series of injuries which include; cartilage swelling in both knees and a bone bruise in his left knee while bowling two weeks ago.

“It’s the same exact injury, mirror images of the knee,” Bynum said when addressing reporters, “I think it happened bowling to be honest.”

According to Bynum, this is the first time he’s been bowling since the start of training camp when he was declared as inactive. However, putting more stress on his knees, this ultimately pushes back his start date to some time in mid-January at the earliest.

Following being acquired in the monumental four-team trade in August that sent superstars all across the league, Bynum hasn’t played in a game almost since May 21. Even though, the Sixers can’t wait to see him on the court as soon as possible, it was a fact that the franchise was purchasing “damaged goods.”

Bynum hasn’t played a full season of basketball since the 2006-2007 NBA season when he began starting at the center position for the Los Angeles LakersSince then, Bynum has missed over one hundred regular season games behind a bevy of knee injuries.

The 25-year old, 7-foot, 285 lb behemoth of a big man has not practiced with the Sixers since they acquired him at the end of the summer, and yet they’re 6-4 without him. A gaggle of frontcourt players are seeing more playing time in the rotation in his absence and the Sixers continue to show their depth as one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference.

“In hindsight, I guess you shouldn’t go bowling, but it’s not anything more than what I’ve done in my rehab,” Bynum said.

When asking for a big man for Christmas kids, next time pick the plumper guy in the big red suit, not one who used to wear a gold one.

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