Andrew Bynum is the Most Ridiculous Character in the NBA

By Thomas Duffy

Andrew Bynum is by far the most ridiculous character in the NBA. His talent is impeccable, and his upside is immense, but I often wonder if he even wants to be a professional basketball player.

Amidst a rehab regimen for a bone bruise in his left knee, Bynum decided that it would be a good idea to go bowling. In doing so, he re-injured himself, as an MRI revealed that he’d done some more damage to his knee. His return to the court, which was set to be in January, could now be pushed back.

Bynum was traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Philadelphia 76ers, in a deal that brought Dwight Howard to L.A. I believe that Howard is the best center in the NBA, with Bynum as the second best. If the Lakers, who are known for shrewd franchise moves, thought Bynum was better, why would they deal him? Durability, as well as maturity, could be the issue: Bynum has missed a total of 165 games over the span of his 7-year career.

This is the last season in Bynum’s contract. You’d think that he would want to go all out this year if he is really serious about getting a max-deal. But Bynum knows better. Keep in mind this is the same kid, drafted out of St. Joseph (Metuchen) High School in NJ, that told Kareem Abdul-Jabar “I know enough,” in reference to his post game. Abdul-Jabar is a 6 time NBA MVP, and the all-time leading scorer in NBA history.

Can you picture LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, or even Howard re-aggravating an injury that they were currently rehabbing with something as simple as bowling? No, absolutely not- those are MVP-caliber players that want to be on the court at all times. They wouldn’t jeopardize themselves because basketball comes first.  Maybe Bynum just doesn’t want to be in Philadelphia; or maybe he doesn’t want to be in the NBA anymore.

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