Boston Celtics' Coach Doc Rivers Has Legitimate Beef with Schedule

By John Raffel



It might not have made Boston Celtics fans happy to lose Sunday night 103-83 to the 1-9 Detroit Pistons. But blame Detroit’s home court advantage and lousy scheduling for that.

The tired Celtics can be excused to some degree. It’s their fourth game in five days and seventh in 10 days. That makes you tired just thinking about it.

Human beings, including athletes, can only take so much. Besides, the Pistons are the best 2-9 team in the NBA, pardon the comment but you get the point.

“Dead men walking. That is what it felt like,” said Boston coach Doc Rivers. “Give Detroit credit, I thought they played extremely hard. I could see it early. I told our coaches that I will start subbing guys in and out. We just had no legs.”

Celtics guard actually thought his team played OK, considering the circumstances.

“I thought we came out playing good and Detroit went up to another level,” he said. “I don’t know how many games Detroit came off of but it was a tough stretch for us. We had seven games in 10 nights. The game before every shot was going in for us and today we couldn’t make a shot. We had a couple good looks.”

This is the NBA so you can’t make excuses for any losses, right?

Wrong, at least in this case. The odds were stacked against the Celtics with a grueling schedule working against them.


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