Kevin Durant Determined to Become All-Around Player

By Marc Jenkins
Kevin Durant Notches First Career Triple-Double
Derick Hingle-US Presswire

Oklahoma City Thunder superstar forward Kevin Durant is already recognized as the most prolific scorer currently residing in the National Basketball Association, however the three-time defending Association scoring champion isn’t quite done with making improvements in his game; Durant wants to eventually be known as the best player in the game and to do so that improvement must come in all facets of the game.

On Sunday night, Durant took a great step towards being recognized as a great all-around player and not just a terrific scorer when he recorded the first triple-double of his six-year NBA career. Durant scored 25 points, grabbed 13 rebounds and dished out a career-high 10 assists during the Thunder’s 119-109 victory over the Golden State Warriors.

So far this season there has been plenty of talk that something might be physically wrong with the three-time all-star due to his scoring numbers being down this year (26.2 points per game in his career vs 24.5 points per game this season); but if any of those speculators were to take a moment away from assuming and look at Durant’s numbers all across the board then they will notice that he is currently averaging career high in every other major statistical category which there is.

KD is averaging 10.5 rebounds (up from 6.7 in his career), 4.6 assists (2.9 in career), 1.6 steals (1.2 in career) and 1.4 blocks (1 in career) per game this season.Also lost in the speculation is that the most lethal scorer in the game is also shooting an amazing 51% from the field and 47% from behind the arc which means that he has improved his efficiency along with his all around game which makes him that much better of a complete player.

Durant has always been considered around the Association as a very unselfish player and now with him dishing out dimes in the manner which he is this season opposing defenses should have even greater trouble attempting to figure out how to defend and deal with the 6’11” star who has the length of a center but the skill of a guard.

With the departure of James Harden the Thunder were definitely in need of another play maker who can not only make plays for himself but also make his teammates better and so far through 11 games this season Durant has stepped up and become that exact play maker which OKC needs in order to get back to the NBA Finals at the conclusion of the season.

If you are one of those who have speculated about Durant and the current season he is having then just take a second look at his numbers this season and watch some game film and then think to yourself if that speculation is warranted or not.


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