Brooklyn Nets Fans Have Idea For Better Team Name

By Marc Jenkins
Should the Brooklyn Nets Ponder a Name Change?
Debby Wong-US Presswire

In just a few weeks time the Brooklyn Nets have united the borough of Brooklyn in New York City like nothing else has over the past half a century; after all this is the first time the County of Kings has had a profeesional team to call their own in 57 years since the Brooklyn Dodgers moved from Ebbets Field to Chavez Ravine and became the Los Angeles Dodgers following the 1957 MLB season.

Now the new darlings of the Brooklyn  are off to a 6-2 start and have not only stolen some fans from their division and city rivals the New York Knicks but have also gotten the 2.5 million residents in New York City’s most populated borough feeling ways which they haven’t in their entire lifetimes.

The only thing that Brooklyn’s fans have a slight beef with is the name that the team garners as owner Mikhail Prokhorov saw it fit to keep the Nets name intact despite moving from New Jersey to Brooklyn.

I recently polled a few Brooklyn fans and the most interesting potential nickname that I came across was the Brooklyn Knights which came from Nets fans Solomon Henderson and Jason Tucker. When I asked the duo what was the inspiration for the choice of Knights they each had opposing yet similar responses to why each felt that Knights was a more suitable name for their hometown team.

It’s a “play on words, said Tucker. “Brooklyn Knights, Brooklynites and their mascot is the Brooklyn Knight, ” Tucker continued. “I think the name the Nets has a bad legacy, (they) need a fresh start,” said Tucker.

“I like it better because it sounds (like a) more appropriate name for Brooklyn than the Nets”, said Henderson. Then Henderson followed that response up with, “I am sort of a superstitious and the Nets are a losers name, every other team (that relocated) got a new name, why can’t we. Hence the Oklahoma City Thunder (changing from) the Seattle Supersonics.

I for one completely agree with these two Brooklyn supporters, the Brooklyn Knights sounds great for so many reasons; for starters I like the play on words which Tucker was speaking of it’s very catchy and not to mention it would be kind of cool to have the County of Kings being served by a bunch of Knights. The team’s black and white color scheme would also fit extremely well with the Knights moniker and like both fans stated the Nets name is sort of synonymous with losing around the New York metropolitan tri-state area.

So Mr. Prokhorov and the rest of his promotions brain trust need to take deep consideration into this possible name change because not only does the name of the Knights fit the borough of Brooklyn much better than the Nets does but it’s what the fans want; think about it!

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