NBA Cleveland Cavaliers

Despite Dismal Start, Cleveland Cavaliers Fans Have Something To Be Excited About

David Richard – US Presswire

The Cleveland Cavaliers may just be 2-8 after 10 games, but Cavs management is confident that it can put a perfect 10 on the court for fans soon.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, depending on how you look at it, that 10 is with the Cavaliers Girls and not with the members of the team.

According to the Cavs website, the team is putting together its 2012-2013 Cavalier Girl Calendar, and is asking fans to choose the cover girl for this year’s contest.

This year’s finalists are Kaela, Shelbie and Amber.

The winner of the contest receives the coveted cover shot and hopefully a last name.

We usually examine the ups and downs of the Cavs team on this site, but let’s take a moment here to examine the correct choice for Cavs voters who will carefully choose the correct Cavalier Girl to put on the cover.

You could say that as Cavs fans, our voters put the leers in Cavaliers.

Kaela starts off as the frontrunner for the swimsuit competition here purely because she is the only nominee shown on the Cavs website who is actually pictured in water. It’s doubtful that her swimsuit would be very effective if she were swimming or running into any actual waves, but it certainly does look nice.

If Kaela were a basketball team, you could say that she has a very strong frontcourt. She is an excellent choice for the competition, but not the only choice.

Shelbie, meanwhile, was apparently photographed at night in front of a boat. In my mind, that’s a terrible time to be out tanning and a dangerous time to be out swimming, so that knocks her down a few points. She does have the best posture of any of the three nominees, though, and that certainly is positive. I don’t know if she always sits like that, but I am in favor of that pose.

Amber, meanwhile, is wearing perhaps the most practical swimsuit of the three, and she is shown in front of a boat during the daytime. She is stunning, just as all three of the nominees are. She’s the kind of woman who if she is shown on the month of March, she makes you wish it would be March all year long. If she were a basketball team, she would be the Heat.

If any of the three nominees would return my calls or letters, it would make the choice easier, but I am casting my vote for Shelbie.

Anyone else who wants to help choose the calendar needs to vote on the Cavs website by the end of the day on Nov. 29.

And if you get a chance to talk to any of the nominees, tell them Nick told you to vote for them, and ask them to call me.