Chicago Bulls Wish List: Carlos Boozer for Pau Gasol?

By meganhuston


Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

It’s been rumored by numerous sources that the Los Angeles Lakers are listening to offers to shop Pau Gasol. They (the Lakers) don’t necessarily want to see Gasol go, however, outside of Kobe Bryant whose not going anywhere, and Dwight Howard whom the Lakers are hoping will re-sign, Gasol is the only other player with value that teams would want to aquire. Granted the Lakers are looking for shooters to spread the floor and help run the Mike D’Antoni offense; I have a prospective trade that may not solve the Lakers’ problems but it would, however, benefit the Chicago Bulls.

I’m proposing that the Bulls trade Carlos Boozer for Gasol.

Just hear me out…

We can all agree Chicago needs another superstar. Someone who can give you 20 and 10 on a consistent basis. When Boozer was signed by the Bulls he was suppose to be “that guy” (personally, I never believed the hype but that besides the point.) Since Boozer has been with the Bulls he’s been the face of inconsistency. Take the last three games of Chicago’s current road trip for example Boozer had 28 points against the Phoenix Suns, 22 points against the Los Angeles Clippers and then only 4 points against the Portland Trail Blazers. He’s mid range jumper is often inconsistent and he has trouble finishing around the rim, mostly because Boozer is undersized at the power forward position. His lack of size was a problem against the Blazers forcing Taj Gibson to play most of Boozer’s minutes since he had trouble containing LaMarcus Alridge. He lacks blocking ability and rim protection which exposes Chicago’s interior.

Whereas, Gasol would add size on the Bulls front line. He would add to the interior defense with Joakim Noah as another shot blocker and rebounder. Not to mention his offensive game is more consistent than Boozer’s. Gasol would be a player that the Bulls could run their offense through. Being in Chicago might actually give his game a shot of adrenaline. A new city, with a new upcoming team, and playing alongside a former league MVP would give his game new life. Gasol is a talented big man who could spread the floor with his shooting giving Derrick Rose more driving lanes and added scoring which Rose desperately needs.

Now, I know this deal has a slim to none chance of happening since Boozer has 46 million remaining on a three year contract and acquiring Boozer for Gasol would be a downgrade for the Lakers, but that won’t stop me from putting this trade on the top of my Christmas list.

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